Outsourcing and Consulting

Out Sourcing and Consulting

Five reasons why you should outsource your documentation to us?

Get a Professional.
We are professionals in this field and can handle significant aspects of your documentation. For instance, when you outsource to us, you get a combination of senior level consultants, editors, who pull together to learn and document your products.

Save on software expenditure.
You need not spend money on tools for documentations, we use licensed versions of all the documentation tool like adobe and Microsoft, for instance you need to create a webhelp for a project, you need not buy Adobe Robohelp which might be a burden for you, In the end, hiring an outsourced technical writing services firm cost less than an in-house employee.

Pay per use.
When you outsource to AuthorTech, you need to pay only for a document to be produced, you only pay for the document, not the technical writer spending time at your place.

Control over resources.
You get to set expectations, deliverables, timelines, and even budget. In fact, you have more control over an outsourced technical writing consultant than you do an in-house employee. When you outsource writing services, you are paying for the end delivery.

Forget noncore tasks
Programmers are usually not good writers. A trained technical writer usually extracts the essentials and presents it using the appropriate tone in a language that will be well understood by the end audience using the product.